Clever Strategies: 5 Ways to Succeed with Inner Bets in Roulette

Even while it was already popular among gamblers of all ages, the advent of online casino games caused roulette’s popularity to skyrocket in the Philippines.  The majority of Filipinos think it’s just a game of chance, but you may increase your odds by using strategy and specific methods.

The object of roulette is to make a wager on where the ball will stop in relation to the numbers on the wheel. However, the following insider betting tips may help you increase your chances of winning in roulette at the best online casino Philippines sites.

Strategy #1: Understand the Factors to Consider

Betting strategy, risk tolerance, and the house edge are all things to think about while deciding on an inner bet. The only things you really need to pay attention to are your risk tolerance and the house edge, as betting techniques are quite self-explanatory.

It’s crucial to know your own risk preferences and play style, as other players will have their own. Bets with a high potential payoff but a low probability of success are called “high risk,” while bets with a lower potential payoff but a higher probability of success are called “low risk.”

If you’ve played any casino games before, you probably know about the house edge. Simply put, this is a reflection of the casino’s edge over you, which will have an effect on your chances of winning. The house edge for each individual inner bet varies, with a lower house edge being preferable.

Strategy #2: Know the Bets Available by Heart

Straight, Split, Street, Corner, Line, and Complete are all types of Inside Bets. To place a Straight Bet, you must wager on a single number. This wager has the lowest chance of winning, but the potential for the biggest reward, at 35-1.

By placing a chip on the line separating two neighboring numbers, a player can “Split Bet” on those numbers. By placing a chip at the edge of the row, players can wager on a trio of adjacent numbers in “Street Bet”. Not to be confused with the “Corner Bet”, in which players select four numbers by placing a chip at the point where the blocks of those numbers meet, this wager does not involve picking a corner.

To make a “Line Bet”, you place your chip in the corner of the board shared by the two lines and select a combination of six numbers. All inside bets on a single number—straight, split, street, corner, and line—are included in a “Complete Bet”. A Complete Bet is when you put down the maximum possible wager.

Strategy #3: Use Roulette Systems

It is up to you whether you want to use an inside bets (and even outside bets) roulette strategy. The Martingale System, the Pivot System, and the Fibonacci System are three of the most widely used strategies for the Roulette game.

If you’re using the Martingale System, you double your wager after a loss and return to your original bet size after a win. To use the Pivot System, you must keep a close eye on the roulette wheel and look for a number that has come up twice in a predetermined number of rounds.

Finally, the Fibonacci System, like the Martingale System, is based on gradually recouping losses. Each of these three methods has the potential to help you in certain scenarios.

Strategy #4: Play the Right Roulette Table

There are 37 numbered slots in European roulette, but there is an extra 00 slot in American roulette. In American roulette, the house has an extra advantage thanks to the presence of a second zero (00) slot.

The only advantage of playing American roulette over European is the chance to place the infamous Basket bet. European roulette tables can be hard to come by in brick-and-mortar casinos, but you can always find one at a live dealer site.

Strategy #5: Pick a Safe Online Casino

When playing roulette in a PH online casino, many players don’t give enough weight to the need to pick a reputable site. If you want to have more fun and win more money playing roulette online, you should play at a reputable online casino.These are the tried-and-true roulette strategies that have helped both seasoned players and newcomers win more often. However, you can only expect the full potential of roulette strategies if you choose to play at the best online casino Philippines sites.