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Master the Basics of Sic Bo and Become a Dice Master: A Comprehensive Guide

Sic Bo is a traditional Chinese dice game that has gained appeal in the casino industry. Even though Sic Bo is mostly a luck game, using tried-and-tested strategies can greatly increase your chances of winning and eventually enable you to take home larger wins.

This article will go over the principles of Sic Bo, explain the many kinds of bets, and provide tried-and-true methods for improving your Sic Bo gameplay at the best online casino Philippines.

How to Play Sic Bo

The game has an easy outcome. Players place a bet, in this case on particular dice results, and depending on the numbers displayed on the dice, they either win or lose, much like in the majority of other renowned casino games. To put it briefly, there are three easy steps to the gameplay:

  1. The player chooses which bets are placed on the board.
  2. In the casino variant you are playing, the results are displayed by the online casino’s program or by the live dealer shaking the box containing the three dice.
  3. The predictions can either lead to a profit or a loss, depending on the bets that the player places.

The rules of Sic Bo are rather straightforward: you make a bet, the dealer rolls the dice, and if you’re lucky, you estimate the outcome properly. All you have to know is the different kinds of bets and how much they pay out because you have no real influence over the dice.

Different Types of Bet in Sic Bo

You need to acquaint yourself with the range of bet types that are available to you to properly traverse the fast-paced world of Sic Bo. These bets fall into several categories, such as:

Single-Number Bets

With single-number bets, participants can place a bet on a single number that will come up on one, two, or all three dice.

Small and Big Bets

These bets entail predicting whether the total number of dice will be big (11 to 17) or small (between 4 and 10). These bets are a great place for beginners to start, even though the odds are fairly equal.

Total Bets

Total bets are bets on the precise amount that the dice will come up with. Payments are made according to the probability that the selected total will occur.

Combination Bets

In combination bets, participants forecast which particular combinations of numbers will come up on the dice. These wagers carry a larger risk but can pay out more.

Every bet has a unique set of odds and possible rewards. Having a thorough understanding of these options allows you to adjust your strategy based on your desired outcomes and risk tolerance.

Betting Strategies for Playing Sic Bo

You can use an array of betting techniques to improve your Sic Bo experience. Two strategies that are frequently used are the Paroli System and the Martingale System.

  • The Paroli System: involves raising your bet following a victory and returning to your starting bet following a defeat. This approach minimizes possible losses during bad runs while maximizing profits during winning streaks.
  • The Martingale System: conversely, this system doubles your bet following each loss and goes back to your initial bet following a win. It’s important to take into account table restrictions and potential losses during prolonged losing streaks, even though it can be beneficial in a hurry.

It’s important to have in-depth knowledge of your betting limits, risk tolerance, and the rules of the game before using these strategies. Try out different approaches to find the one that best matches your goals and style of gameplay.

Odds and Probability of Winning

Speaking of odds, it’s important to remember that each bet has certain odds that influence both the probability and the house edge. You may discover accurate and current data on the odds, probabilities, and house edge offered by each betting category in the table below. Examine the information more closely and select the bets that best fit your style of play.

Types of BetsDefinitionHouse EdgeProbability of WinningOdds
Big BetIn this type of bet, you’re guessing that the total will fall between 11 and 17. The payoff is also 1:1 since there are equal odds of that happening.2.78%0.486111/10
Small BetThe small bet includes the possibility that the total of the numbers on all three dice ranges from 4 to 10. You can increase the amount you bet if your guess is correct.2.78%0.486111/10
Any TripleAll three dice have to be hit with precisely the same number on them to win this bet. Any single number will count.11.04%0.27834:1
Specific TripleAll three dice must show the number you are betting on. 180x is the payoff.16.74%0.0046216:1
Specific DoubleYou can only choose a number that comes on two of the three dice. You will receive 10 times your wager if you make an accurate prediction.11.08%0.074112:1
Total BetsThe objective is to estimate the sum of the numbers on each of the three dice. Payouts range from 6 to 8 times, 12 to 17 times, and 30 to 60 times.12.43%0.014 to 0.1256:1 to 60:1
Combination BetsPlacing a wager on the likelihood that the next dice roll will result in two particular numbers 5 times your original stake is the return.7.4% to 15.3%0.13896:1
Single Number BetsPlace a wager on any value between 1 and 6 that appears on the dice during the next roll. When a number appears multiple times (3x), it pays triple, and twice, it gives double.7.9%0.34721:1


To sum up, Sic Bo is a fun game that provides plenty of opportunities for both experienced players and novices. You may improve your chances of winning while making sure that Sic Bo remains a fun game by using tried-and-true strategies and responsible gaming techniques.

To increase your chances of winning big at Sic Bo, roll the dice at the best online casino Philippines today!

Frequently Asked Questions: Sic Bo

The last portion of our Sic Bo rules guide includes answers to frequently asked questions. We have gathered the three most frequently asked inquiries on the Internet and will attempt to provide you with brief yet informative solutions. Here they are:

What is Sic Bo?

An old Chinese game of chance is called Sic Bo. The participants must predict which numbers will appear after the dealer rolls three dice. Sic Bo has straightforward rules. To place a bet, simply place your chips on the portion of the table that matches your desired bet.

How do I play Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a really simple game to pick up and play. All you have to do is make your bet, unwind, and enjoy the excitement—the dice determine the outcome of every round! You will succeed if you are fortunate.

How can I win in Sic Bo?

There isn’t a way to affect the result of the dice roll in Sic Bo since it’s a pure luck game. You could, however, improve your chance at the table by using a few strategies, hints, and techniques.