Online Cockfighting: A Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry in the Philippines

The Philippines cockfighting, a traditional bloodsport where roosters fight for dominance, has regained popularity on this island nation, and that is due to the internet. Online streaming has turned this activity from a vanishing pastime into a highly profitable business. 

According to a report by the Associated Press, live-streamed matches attract millions of dollars in wagers daily. People from all over the country sit by their phones and watch the feathered crowd compete in digital cockpits. 

In addition, some big players who use Cockfight betting Philippines sites are now earning more money than wagering establishments in the form of traditional casinos.

Cockfighting is Part of the Philippine Tradition 

Only in the Philippines has there been a significant uptick in online cockfighting, the world’s only country to allow sports bets on it. However, this is so well funded that it is cutting into the traditional casino industry, making more money for itself than the gambling industry at large. 

And the craze is not only limited to the island country, as other nations are lining up to take a page. It is also significant that cockfighting, while illegal or heavily regulated in much of the Western nations, is integrated into the gambling and broad Filipino culture, with sports matches often as popular as soccer games. 

As such, even the biggest resorts are now integrating arenas and betting stations for the “sport” and the emergence of legal online betting sites keeps this tradition alive.

Criticism Against Online Cockfighting 

A senior church official from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines has criticized the government’s move to legalize online cockfighting as a disastrous decision. There are also investigations by lawmakers into the un-located whereabouts of more than two dozen of its gamblers who had gone into hiding and made the members ask for a suspension of the sport until their decision is made on the matter. 

Ang, however, is convinced that the bets on the sport can only be seen as laughing money and action. He goes on to claim that addiction may appear in anything, not just gambling and that people should be honest about it.

Decline in Popularity and an Unexpected Turn 

Cockfighting, or locally known as “sabong,” in the Philippines has a rich history. Even though it is considered illegal in some parts of the world, it is a popular and well-developed sport in the country. It is so popular that it has become professional, with events like the World Slasher Cup being highly visited. 

However, in recent years, it has started to lose popularity due to government restrictions and rising entrance fees. Nonetheless, it was exactly the loss of popularity that had become unexpectedly profitable. 

The sport has become highly popular again with the rise of online cockfighting platforms, such as Pitmasters and other Philippines cockfighting betting sites. The platform has captured a significant share of the market, with its income from bets being around $1 billion, exceeding even the country’s casino revenue. 

The system of making money is a commission one; the share of the winnings that it gets is divided between the bettors, for which it becomes profitable to use the platform, and the government in taxes.

The popularity of the platform has created a herd of online sabotage agents, with many of them making huge amounts of money in a short period. Although the income of some agents has been reduced by the entry of telecom giants, the ease of selling online sabong and the pandemic have undeniably contributed to the popularity of the sport.


In the end, online cockfighting is an industry that has transformed a dying tradition into billions of dollars spent in the Philippines. Although the ethical issues of this sport are questionable, the overwhelming popularity of the spectacle, which was facilitated by online platforms like Pitmasters, has become a source of unlimited revenue that surpasses traditional casinos. 

The fact that this option is now available online has determined the massive network of agents and their guaranteed winnings that have emerged as a result.

Be a part of the tradition and bet responsibly, as the best Cockfight Philippines betting sites are here to provide you with the excitement of the country’s most popular sport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is online cockfighting? 

Online cockfighting, also called e-sabong, allows people to view and place bets on live cockfights broadcast over the internet. While some sites use animated birds, others air actual fights in which roosters are often injured, if not killed. This practice has proved contentious, even within the Philippines, where it is often blamed for gambling addiction and attributed to some disappearances. Indeed, the country’s authorities have now banned online cockfighting.

Why has online cockfighting become so popular in the Philippines?

Online cockfighting has become a favorite way to uplift the nearly-dead tradition of watching this sport. Live-streaming technology has expanded the audience for the gruesome sport and is bringing daily bets worth millions of dollars. According to reports, some gamblers are winning more money by betting on online platforms compared to what they could have ever made in traditional casinos.

How do online cockfighting platforms make money?

These platforms typically use a commission system. A share of winning bets goes to the platform, the bettors, and the government through taxes.